Leading Yourself

Why is it some leaders seem to flourish in almost any circumstances? How do they adapt so readily and easily to the ever-changing business and political environments? What do they do that sets them apart and allows them to build a personal brand of accomplishment?

It may not be what you think. Leaders who can adapt quickly know themselves well. They know their personal strengths and work-ons and can use this knowledge to navigate their environments. They also know when to use their technical knowledge and when to adjust to facilitating a group when solving problems.

The Leading Yourself program is built on the philosophy that to be an effective leader in today’s volatile organisational environments you need to understand who you are as a leader, and appreciate your role on a team and place in the wider organisational context. This program takes a highly personal approach to help you examine your current leadership style and gives you a priceless opportunity to refine it with new knowledge and practice.

“You get the best out of others when you get the best out of yourself”
Harvey Firestone, Founder Firestone Tyres

Attending this amazing self-discovery workshop will enable participants to:

  • Understand what behavioural styles are and why they matter
  • Learn how they personally think and therefore how they are likely to respond to situations that arise
  • Discover how those, with who they have key relationships at work, see them behave
  • Begin to therefore understand the impact you have on others
  • Increase your Emotional Intelligence and read situations with more empathy
  • Learn how to develop the styles that will help you attain your personal and career goals
  • Develop plans to intervene positively back in your team and broader life

So they can:

  • Be more agile and respond to situations more effectively
  • Impact people they work and live with more positively
  • Build a reputation for outstanding leadership capability
  • Allow others to grow and be their best
  • Gain a reputation as an awesome leader

Who should attend?

This programme is ideal for leaders at any level of the organisation.

Your investment?

$1200 + GST for the two days

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For booking, more information or if you would like to run these programmes internally then please contact our Wellington office on 04 470 7700 or email us.

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