Individual development starts with self-discovery. Our diagnostic solutions help to create awareness of current behaviours, acceptance of the impacts these have on personal effectiveness, and action steps for constructive change.

Individuals Shape the Organisation

Our research tells us that Constructive individuals have higher levels of effectiveness and satisfaction than non-Constructive leaders.
Increase in job satisfaction
+ 0 %
Improvement in stress
+ 0 %
Increase in task effectiveness
+ 0 %
Improvement in quality of
+ 0 %

Life Styles InventoryTM (LSI)

The Life Styles Inventory™ (LSI) helps individuals to develop Constructive thinking and behavioural styles that are proven to be related to job performance, quality of interpersonal relationships, and problem-solving effectiveness.

LSI + : Life Styles InventoryTM with ACUMEN® Insights

The LSI + takes the Life Styles Inventory™ one step further by combining qualitative and quantitative feedback. LSI + helps individuals develop Constructive thinking and behavioral styles that are proven to drive effectiveness and performance.



The AMA DISC Survey™ provides people with straightforward, yet valid and reliable, feedback on their personal styles, a framework for understanding the styles of others, and insights into how to adjust their styles to those of others.

Consulting and Coaching

Individual improvement is best achieved by working with a professional consultant in the role of performance coach ‐ someone who can help people to understand their own thinking and behaviour and identify strategies for improved effectiveness. Our consultants can help you to plan and deliver a complete individual development experience, including program design and delivery.

Groups & Teams

Develop groups and teams to achieve greater synergy and problem-solving effectiveness.

Leaders & Managers

Develop leaders and managers to have a constructive impacts on the organisation.


Build a culture that inspires innovation, better customer service and sustainable performance.

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