Sustainable and Meaningful Change

We’ve guided many individuals, teams, leaders and organisations through substantial, sustainable and
meaningful cultural change.


NZ Sugar has been working with Human Synergistics for several years now to develop the capability of their people. LSI 1 and LSI 2 along with Leadership Impact have been used throughout the organisation to help improve the culture of the organisation but also the confidence and self-awareness across the team. Watch NZ Sugars story to find out more.

Siobhan Tetenburg - NZAA

Siobhan Tetenburg has been working with Human Synergistics for over twenty years both as a client and as an Accredited Practitioner. She is currently the Organisational Capability Manager at New Zealand Automobile Association (NZAA) and has partnered with Human Synergistics to develop the capability of their people. The retest of the LSI year on year has shown an increase in constructive behaviours. Watch Siobhan’s story to find out more.

How do you shift culture when you have a limited budget, short staffed with three CEOs? Fiona Masson is the Group Human Resources Manager for Lifewise. Fiona led the Trusts (Lifewise, APT, MMN) through an era of significant change and improvement. In doing so, Fiona has transformed the HR function, earning credibility for the profession within the organisation in the process, and led a major organisational culture change programme. Watch Fiona’s story to find out more.

Our Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Diagnostic System uses the Circumplex to display visual feedback for individuals, teams, managers, leaders, and organisations, enabling you to use a common language at all levels.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognised world-class professionals with extensive experience in the process of creating sustainable performance. They can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.

Become Accredited

Empower your staff or yourself with our industry recognised accreditation and application workshops. We give people the skills to transform organisations from the inside out.

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