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What is the Culture & Leadership Conference? Our mission is to Change the World – One Organisation at a Time® but we can’t do this alone. This annual conference is an opportunity to showcase individuals and organisations who have a story of growth to tell – one that can be shared and celebrated.

20th Annual Culture & Leadership Awards and Conference 2024

Coming soon: Date and Location to be announced

Stay tuned for the highly anticipated Human Synergistics Culture & Leadership Awards and Conference.
This dynamic event will feature thought-provoking TEDx-style presentations from visionary leaders who are
driving remarkable transformations in the culture and leadership space.

19th Annual Culture & Leadership Awards and Conference 2023

The 19th Annual Culture & Leadership Conference 2023
“If you dislike change, you’re going to dislike irrelevance even more.”

2013’s conference focused on how individuals, teams, and organisations can maintain their relevance in our rapidly changing global landscape. We explored the role of mindsets and behaviours in driving our adaptability and resilience, using the Human Synergistics Circumplex model as our guiding framework.

2022 Annual Culture & Leadership Conference

Asia-Pacific Virtual Culture and Leadership Conference
Our Guest speakers from across Australia and New Zealand were able to share their culture and leadership journeys over the last two years. We examine the external challenges and significant impacts across many sectors including the demands of hybrid working for all employees.

The ANZ Annual Culture Conference 2021

Drawing on 50 years of culture and leadership, this virtual conference brought audiences a series of micro shares from leaders across Australia and New Zealand. These speakers brought a diverse range of backgrounds, industries, and challenges, with key insights to help you or your clients shape your own culture journeys. We also featured a panel discussion on the Future of Leadership facilitated by our own David Byrum. 

The ANZ Annual Culture Conference 2020

Set across three shorter days, this virtual format brought you a diverse group of speakers from Australia, New Zealand, Asia and the Pacific, sharing their journeys toward constructive culture and leadership. Each morning showcased two organisations’ unique stories via TEDx style presentations, each followed by an interview with the speakers about their motivation, personal insights and learnings. The afternoon featured an interactive experience. You heard from our panel of CEOs about why they are convinced leadership and culture is critical to their organisations, and actively participate in virtual workshops on some of the most vital issues of our day – Inclusion and Future of Work.

Our Integrated Approach

Our Integrated Diagnostic System uses the Circumplex to display visual feedback for individuals, teams, managers, leaders, and organisations, enabling you to use a common language at all levels.

Our Consultants

Our consultants are recognised world-class professionals with extensive experience in the process of creating sustainable performance. They can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.

Become Accredited

Empower your staff or yourself with our industry recognised accreditation and application workshops. We give people the skills to transform organisations from the inside out.

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