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We’re here to help you to achieve genuine change and unlock growth at any level of your organisation. Whether you’re looking for external support to guide your strategy or have the capability in-house, our world-class consultants can support you along the way.

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Our consultants are recognised world-class professionals with extensive experience in creating sustainable individual, group and organisational performance. They provide thought leadership to our accredited practitioners and can work directly with you to help you achieve genuine change.

Featured Case Studies

Constellation Brands

Constellation Brands has been working with Human Synergistics for several years now to transform their culture and develop the capability of their people. In this video Rosella Dang Head of OD and People services and Julie Bassett Vice President of Human Resources share their insight into this journey.

NZ Sugar

NZ Sugar has been working with Human Synergistics for several years now to develop the capability of their people. Sandra Fan is the Quality Assurance Manager and in this story she shares her personal journey of change over the last few years.

Our Solutions

Our consultants can help you build a world-class organisational development program, achieving change and unlocking growth at any level of your organisation. Our solutions are tailored based on your unique challenges and goals.

Our Change Solutions

Reinventing Culture

David La Rose believes strongly that leadership and culture shape performance. He shares how this belief has shaped the IBM journey in taking their culture to the next level.

Our Change Solutions

Working Teams

Corinne Canter discusses how the right conversations build trust and clarity. It invites sincerity, plain speaking and offers a real connection to promote team performance.

Our Change Solutions

Catching Waves

Corinne Canter and Rob Phipps share lessons learnt from a combined five decades of experience in getting culture right. Choose your wave, read the conditions, paddle out.

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