Blog – LSI +, Enriching The LSI Development Journey!

In this article David Byrum CEO of Human Synergistics discusses the benefits of their new offering,
the LSI +: Life Styles Inventory™ with ACUMEN® Insights

David Byrum reflects that the LSI + has been a few years in the making and LSI + is reward for the entire team who have been involved from initial concept to final product.

“We’ve been building it over several years, not only as a vehicle to support our accredited network but to reinforce leaders who receive their feedback. It’s finally come into fruition, and we couldn’t be prouder!”

So, what is the LSI +? “In a nutshell, it’s an optional extension of the LSI, that provides a personal narrative report from your LSI 1 profile – so your THINKING, and your attribution of BEHAVIOURS from others, your LSI 2.”

The LSI + therefore offers the opportunity to receive a personalised narrative and tailored insights on the thinking and behavioral styles that are enhancing or hindering satisfaction, effectiveness, and performance.

Byrum highlights that “the LSI + provides end users with enhanced depth and insight into their profiles with areas for development by utilising both quantitative and qualitative feedback”.

LSI + has three components:
– Self (LSI 1 +) and / or Others (LSI 2 +) summary narrative
– Self (LSI 1 +) or Others (LSI 2 +) detailed narrative, including:
o Impact on Task Accomplishment
o Impact on Teamwork
– Suggestions for Development

“The narrative report is built based on algorithms in the backend that formulate a generic description that is personalised to end users based on their profile. Paired with a comprehensive debrief from an accredited practitioner, we believe the LSI + offers a deeper development experience of the LSI”, says Byrum.

It should be noted that the LSI + does not replace the LSI Self Development Guide which contains a wealth of knowledge, examples, and suggestions to create an action plan. “The design for the LSI + focused on enhancing the LSI experience, to augment the debriefing experience, magnify the awareness process and bolster the action plan. The core fundamentals of a debrief do not change, it is simply enhanced.”

LSI + does not replace the need for a debrief or coaching either, “in fact, we see debriefing and coaching as integral to supporting leaders to grow, LSI + is designed to promote further conversation and allow the accredited practitioners to explore areas that may have not been explored previously. Leaders can read their personalised narrative report post their first debrief and when they come to their second debrief to explore potential actions, they will have formulated some thoughts around action going forward.” assures Byrum.

“As an analysis, LSI + compares to the Profile Summary Cards (used for LSI 1) which many of us use in debriefing, and are designed around High, Medium, and Low description for each of the thinking styles. LSI + provides a more holistic view of the profile. It looks at where the patterns are stronger in the profile, is it stronger towards Satisfaction, towards Security, Task or People? LSI + then analyses pairs within that profile to provide guidance” he says.

The great benefit of LSI + is that as an incremental add on, it can be used with ANY debriefing kit. “You can use it with LSI 1 only or LSI 2 only, and you can link to the base breakout kit as well as the complete debriefing kit”.

So, when is it ready and who can use it? “It’s ready to go now to anyone who is accredited within our network! Excitingly, anyone who has generated an LSI report in the last 3 months can also retrospectively upgrade to the LSI + for a small pass-through cost, or if they are launching a brand-new project then they can launch LSI + from now.”

Ultimately, the purpose of the LSI + is to assist both the focal leader and the accredited practitioner in increasing their self-awareness and inspiring them to act based on LSI feedback from themselves and others. It should better facilitate the focal leader to explore feedback through a narrative description and subsequently generate questions for next debrief and narrow in on areas for growth.

For more detailed information see our Diagnostics for Individuals section here.

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