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Our Consultants are a globally recognised platform of experts in Leadership, Team and Culture
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Our fully accredited consultants are world-class professionals with extensive experience in creating sustainable
individual, group and organisational performance. They provide thought leadership to internal professionals and
can work directly with you to help you achieve striking and genuine change.

Our Consultants

Neil McGregor
Lead Consultant

Neil has been helping individuals, teams, and organisations realise their full potential for over 20 years with HSNZ. His consulting approach focuses on challenging people to think differently about themselves and their environments to be more effective.

With experience as an Army Officer in the Royal New Zealand Engineers, National Manager of the Training function at The Warehouse, the Head of Corporate Strategy for a large financial institution overseas, working in HR for DB Breweries and running a consulting practice, Neil brings an experienced lens to the way organisations can work.

His work in developing the High Performance Teams (HPT) Framework is a culmination of years of real-world application, academic study and consulting with a wide variety of teams and industries. The framework creates the opportunity for a group of highly effective individuals to be moulded into highly effective teams.

He believes effective performance is achieved when leaders build environments for others within the business to be Clear and Committed, Courageous and Creative, Caring and Capable, and are Connected and Collaborative. Neil helps grow these leaders and build these environments.

Carina Hull
Senior Consultant

Carina builds genuine connections with both individuals and teams. With over 15 years of experience on executive teams and boards for multinationals in New Zealand, Asia, and the Pacific, she excels at constructively challenging and inspiring others. Her expertise spans mergers & acquisitions, market development, and people & culture, allowing her to offer practical guidance to leaders and organisations aiming to develop strategic resilience and high-performance cultures.

In her global role, Carina has coached senior executives across various industry sectors, including retail, banking, FMCG, health, academia, government, and non-profit. She thrives on helping people challenge their own paradigms, think effectively, and create lasting change.

Justine Farrington
Senior Consultant
Victoria University of Wellington (BA Hons Psychology)
Accredited Practitioner

Justine is an experienced consultant with a with a rich history in market research, management consulting, and organisational development. With over two decades of experience in consulting and coaching, Justine has worked with a diverse array of clients, including not-for-profits, small and medium-sized enterprises, as well as NZ/ASX listed entities.  Her strengths lie in her insightful and empathetic coaching approach, her ability to cultivate dynamic and energised teams, and her encouragement for shaping collective mindsets to foster sustainable workplace cultures where people can truly thrive. Justine is passionate about helping individuals unlock their full potential, fostering high-performance teams, and supporting cultural transformations within organisations.

 Justine brings a deep understanding of human behavior and workplace dynamics to her work. She is known for her commitment to challenging norms and supporting clients in finding new and innovative ways of approaching opportunities, enabling leaders to stretch out of their comfort zones and achieve excellent results.

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