Virtual Leader’s Survival Kit
Virtual Leader Survival Kit

Digital Starter Pack

Now more than ever, constructive thinking will help us and others deal with a very new and fast-moving situation (and we can see from some of the situations around us how defensive thinking and behaviour can take hold). So we want to help you, so that you can help others in potentially stressful times and do the best for your organisation and community...

The digital starter pack includes:

  • LSI 1 self-driven online diagnostic and support materials
  • 3 virtual coaching sessions with a HSNZ leadership master coach
  • Access to the Leaders Survival Forum where you can discuss challenges with a community of like-minded leaders and HSNZ consultants
  • Digital resilience and stress management tools
  • Top tips for leading your team and maintaining community in a virtual world that will be added to frequently
  • Survive vs thrive team discussion framework
  • Culture and leadership bite podcasts

So you can:

  • Grow your constructive leadership styles which will help you and your people adapt, survive and thrive in this constantly changing environment
  • Support your team in a new digital way of working
  • Have the confidence, clarity, capability and competence to lead your team virtually

If there was ever a time leaders needed to keep a cool head and remain adaptive, it is now.

It's fair to say that 2020 has thrown the world a curve ball we could not have predicted. It has caught most of us off guard. Leaders are now facing the more complex challenges of supporting their team to maintain a positive focus in difficult conditions, to keep delivering under difficult circumstances conceivably with more demands and increased pressure. Leaders may need to do this from home, with the whole family in residence in and amongst a host of other responsibilities. The Virtual Leaders Survival kit will give you a practical toolkit so that you can embrace the four C’s of constructive Leadership and have the confidence, capability and competence to lead your team virtually.

Four Cs of Constructive Leadership

Who is the Virtual Leader’s Survival Kit for?

Anyone who now finds themself a Virtual leader. This kit is designed for both those who have done LSI before as well as those new to LSI – as with the current times of uncertainty it is the ideal time to look at your thinking styles and develop strategies to stay constructive.

What’s your investment?

As part of our commitment to supporting leaders during this challenging time we are happy to provide a special rate for this kit of $995+GST (This kit is valued at over $2,000+GST). The kit includes LS1, 3x one-hour virtual coaching sessions

How to get started?

Contact us at or call on 09-309 9010

Download the Virtual Leaders Survival Kit flyer now

Your Virtual Coaches



Neil McGregor
Neil enjoys working with complex organisations (and people!) to help them connect the dots of how people, systems and strategic intent can work synergistically to realise the value their organisation exists to create.



Carina Hull
Carina works with individual leaders, teams and organisations to build constructive culture and capability. Carina is an experienced consultant with over 15 year’s executive team experience in multinationals.




Darren Levy
Darren specialises in consulting in the human environment (Leadership, Culture Change and Innovation). This is achieved in conjunction with the other areas of business to maximize the Individual, Team and Organisational impact.



Justine Farrington
Justine is an experienced consultant and coach with over 20 year’s experience in developing dynamic teams and improving individual and organisational performance. Her expertise includes coaching, culture change, mindfulness and emotional intelligence training.



Pam Wilson
Pam has extensive experience working with the public and private sectors as well as not-for-profit organisations. With over 20 year’s experience, her expertise includes coaching, culture change, executive coaching and developing high performing teams.