Video – 2021 Culture & Leadership Conference – Senior Leadership Panel

In 2021 we again delivered  Culture & Leadership stories with a great group of speakers from across Australia and New Zealand. These speakers shared their journeys toward constructive culture and leadership in TedX style micro shares. Senior industry leaders from across the Tasman also joined us for a lively discussion on our Future of Leadership Panel. These leaders shared their views on what skills, behaviours and mindset will be critical for success in our changing world.

IBM – With Katrina Troughton
IBM is one of the world’s most iconic brands. For over a 100 years it has been at the forefront of technological progress bringing world-changing ideas to its’ clients, the community and the world. IBM’s sustained success has been due to its commitment to re-inventing itself and adapting to the changing needs of its clients and local markets. Believing strongly that leadership and culture shape performance their leaders set out to shape the IBM Australia and New Zealand journey in evolving its culture to the next level.
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TasNetworks – With Kirstan Wilding
Kirstan leads the Corporate Social Responsibility team at TasNetworks, the Tasmanian electricity network service provider. We are a purpose-led team; shaping the brand, social impact, stakeholder engagement, environment and sustainability strategies and actions. Kirstan has traversed a diverse career within the electricity industry for close to 20 years, with expertise in energy policy and regulation. A career shift in November 2018 to corporate social responsibility has fuelled Kirstan’s passion for building trusted relationships, and delivering creative and inclusive projects that make a positive difference with communities.
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Gallagher – With Chaoli Jones
Chaoli is very much part of the Gallagher family having worked in various roles within Gallagher for the last 13 years. She will share her transformational leadership journey and the hands-on approach she took to grow her skills and confidence as a new manager but also the changes she made to improve her health and personal life. Becoming a production manager while exciting and interesting was also fast paced and stressful at times. As part of her manager training Chaoli went through the LSI and coaching process with Human Synergistics which was a catalyst of positive change for her in her life. How she saw her world at work and at home changed dramatically and she has worked hard to make positive changes
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SENIOR LEADERSHIP PANEL – David Byrum, Director Human Synergistics Australia

Senior industry leaders from across the Tasman will join us for a lively discussion around the future of leadership and share their views on what skills, behaviours and mindset will be critical for success in our changing world. Human Synergistics David Byrum will be facilitating the session following with a Q&A session with our virtual audience.


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