Video – 2019 Culture & Leadership Conference – Asia Pacific

Shaun McCarthy – Chairperson, Human Synergistics ANZ

Getting Culture Right
Can you easily describe your organisations culture? Do you know how it helps or hinders your efforts to achieve excellence? Do you know how to leverage its strengths and eliminate its weaknesses? What is culture and how does it differ from climate? This is not just an academic question. Getting culture right means looking at the right metrics. Employee engagement, for instance, is not a proxy for culture. It is an outcome of the interaction of culture and other contextual factors. But it is not culture. A strong engagement score can even blind you to inherent issues in your underlying culture that may not affect you now but will in times of disruption when the need for integration and adaptation becomes paramount. We are now well past any doubt about the relationship between organisational culture and performance. The research is clear. Real world experience is clear. When CEOs of the calibre of this year’s conference are prepared to speak out about culture, you know you’re onto something.


David La Rose – General Manage IBM Partner Ecosystem, IBM

Reinventing Through Culture Change
IBM is one of the world’s most iconic brands. For over a 100 years it has been at the forefront of technological progress bringing world-changing ideas to its’ clients, the community and the world. IBM’s sustained success has been due to its commitment to re-inventing itself and adapting to the changing needs of its clients and local markets. This was the opportunity David La Rose saw when he was appointed Managing Director of IBM Australia and New Zealand in 2017. Believing strongly that leadership and culture shape performance David will share how this belief has shaped the IBM A|NZ journey in evolving its culture to the next level.

Sydney Conference, David presented with:
Eric Wong – Technical Manager, IBM Australia/NZ Lisa Poulton – Facilitator & Executive Coach IBM Leadership Academy, IBM Australia/NZ Bridget Luke – IBM State Government and Health Industry Director ANZ, IBM Australia

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Ranna Alkadamani – General Manager People & Culture, Frasers Property Australia

Our Culture Evolution
Frasers Property Australia have transformed their company culture from one that was often defensive, oppositional and competitive to one that is consistently constructive, collaborative and focused on developing people. This shift hasn’t been linear, quick or accidental. Ranna shares Frasers Property’s insights and what the key moments of pivot have been over the last 5 years to getting culture right and what it has meant for their employees and customers.

* Video from the Sydney Conference.

Frasers Property – Human Synergistics 2019 Conference Presentation


Corinne Canter – Head of Consulting, Human Synergistics Australia
Rob Phipps LLB., FCPHR.  – Managing Director, Evolvefast

Catching Waves
The minute by minute posting, whether it be to LinkedIn, twitter, Instagram or Facebook means the trust equation has been turned on its head. Corporate spin has been neutralised, transparency is not discretionary. In this thought-provoking presentation, Rob and Corinne argue that organisations need a fresh and more sustainable mindset towards culture. Despite years of talking about the importance of culture, we still haven’t got it right. Culture isn’t a task, activity or program, it’s an environment. Like the ocean, culture isn’t something you control, it is something that you need to learn how to read and regularly care for to be kept clean, healthy and powerful. When you get it right, that’s when you can catch a long smooth wave of performance.

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