Podcast 031 – Staying Constructive This Christmas

Christmas can be the most wonderful time of the year, but can also be really stressful. Liana Sangster and Dominic Gourley have a chat about different stresses that occur at Christmas and give you tips for being constructive, relaxed and happy this Christmas.

What do you do when you’ve left your present shopping to the last minute, you pull up to the shopping center, it’s busy and then someone steals the car park you were just about to park in?! How do you decide where to spend Christmas day this year, is it with your family, your partner’s family or both?! or what if you are hosting Christmas this year? Liana and Dominic answer all these questions.


Liana’s top tips for surviving the silly season this year
– Be conscious of your triggers, know what takes you to your frustration place
– Know your boundaries; be clear about your expectations and set them early with your partner, friends and family
– Plan and be mindful of your end goal and what experience you want to have during this time

This year we went back to the North Pole and facilitated a Group Styles Inventory™ with Santa and his Elves, check out how each of their Circumplex styles play out and how they are handling Christmas this year, in our interactive Christmas Card!

Christmas Post

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