Videos 2020 Asia-Pacific Conference

Published on 29 Sep 2020

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch this year's Virtual Asia-Pacific Conference. We hope you were inspired by our speakers and their insights from real world experiences, to begin or continue your own culture and leadership development.

If we are going to Change The World One Organisation At A Time we can only do it together with our amazing community - so thanks for coming out and supporting us.

Guy Strong - Country Head Australia and New Zealand, Sandoz
Clarette Crame - Head People and Culture Asia, Sandoz
Roberto Romero - People and Organisation Head, Sandoz

Guy Strong, Country Head Australia & New Zealand will share the transformation journey of Sandoz. One that led them to drive an INSPIRED, CURIOUS & UNBOSSED culture. Where patients and their people are at the heart of everything they do.

In 2018, Sandoz Australia & New Zealand encountered challenges in various aspects of their business and there was a critical need to identify what was standing in the way of good performance. While their market fundamentals were good, and the team were knowledgeable, their culture wasn’t matching up. Guy, along with Clarette Crame and Roberto Romero, tell the story of how they turned Sandoz around…with incredible results!

“Through purpose, improving ourselves and empowering our people, we are reaching new heights”

Download Sandoz presentation
Listen to Culture Bites Episode with Sandoz

Heather Polglase - HR Director, Spark
Roz McCay - Programme Director, Hiakai Co-Lab Limited

Growing an Agile way of working
Heather and Roz as they share how their authentic partnership and Development ecosystem has helped them to build and grow the Spark Agile Leadership Programme.

Heather and share the framework and principles that have been fundamental to this experimental approach to growing leadership at Spark - which is pretty far from “off the shelf” leadership development work and practice. During the session both Roz and Heather will share what good looks like for them and Spark, context and insights about why they’re doing what they’re doing, and what more is possible from the evolution of the constructive leader to the highly adaptive one.

Rebecca Kardos - CEO, Aurora Energy
Pat McCafferty - Managing Director, Yarra Valley Water
Vaughan Payne - CEO, Waikato Regional Council
Simon Towns, Managing Directory and President, Constellation Brands NZ
Jo Denvir - CEO, Lifewise

The Business Case for Culture: What a CEO needs to know
One of the most often asked questions we get about creating culture change is “how do I get my CEO on board?” We decided to ask them.

We engage five of our most experienced and effective CEO leaders in an insightful conversation about why they believe developing a constructive culture is so critical to the success of their organisations:
• What convinced them that the investment required to do the work was worthwhile?
• What have they learnt about how culture shapes performance in their organisation?
• If they needed to convince another CEO of the value of culture, what would they say?

Hollis Taisi - People and Culture Manager, Vision Investments
Maria Sandys - Manager HR and Compliance, Vision Investments

Transforming Retail Culture in the Pacific

Vision Investments Limited is a diversified and successful business enterprise with a long history of trading in Fiji. VIL is a publicly listed company and currently the second largest company on the Fiji Stock Exchange with a market capitalisation exceeding USD 200 million.

Hollis and Maria tell the story of transformation for the retail arm of their business in the Pacific and how they developed a strong culture with their retail store managers. Hollis will share how they operationalised the behaviours they wanted to see and the set up and systems they put in place within their retail store structures to encourage more constructive interaction.

Sandra Blackburn - General Manager People and Culture, Hanes

Hanes Australasia is home to some of our most recognised apparel and lifestyle brands, such as Bonds, Sheridan and Champion. Hanes will share their story of a focus on culture through constructive leadership.

Gin Chen - Chapter Lead Therapeutic Solution Partner, Roche
Bobo Leung - Therapeutic Solution Partner, Roche
Alex Wong - Therapeutic Solution Partner, Roche

Reimagining healthcare sales

Roche is one of the world’s leading and largest pharmaceutical companies, specialising in five Disease Biology Areas (DBAs) including oncology, hematology, immunology, infectious diseases and neuroscience. Gin heads up the sales team for Roche Hong Kong.

Gin and the team share the transformational change story of the sales team at Roche Hong Kong in order to create better outcomes for more patients, faster. This was part of a bigger change journey for Roche globally to move towards agile working. Human Synergstics worked with the team to better understand their culture and how they worked with healthcare professionals to get better results for their patients. Following a culture review Human Synergistics supported Roche with design sprints and leading change workshops to reimagine the sales function. They worked hard to transform the way they worked as a team by moving from a culture of competitive sales strategies to shared KPIs to the value patients receive.

Myles Glashier - CEO and Co-Founder, Phocas
Karen Hailwood - Chief People Officer, Phocas

Phocas has a simple mission – to make people feel good about data. The tailored industry-focused solutions simplify data management through powerful analytics and visualization tools, and revolutionizes the way customers interact with their own information. Phocas changes the way people think and work, and makes it easier for people to be decisive and operate with confidence.

At the heart of Phocas is a commitment to our values - to make life ‘fun, fulfilling and forever’ for Phocas customers, employees and investors. The CEO & Co-founder Myles Glashier and Chief People Officer, Karen Hailwood will share the Phocas story of transformation from a small bootstrapped start-up – to an established global business with big growth plans – all in the rapidly changing world of SaaS. Alongside the innovative products we have a dedication to nurture a culture where people are trusted, have autonomy and feel good about coming to work each day. Our culture is fundamental to our success.