Virtual Testimonials – hear what some of our clients have to say!

Published on 08 Apr 2020

With the country being in lockdown we have been very busy over the last few weeks finding ways to cater to our clients development requirements in a virtual world. We have run virtual workshops, accreditations and coaching sessions so we thought we would share with you how our clients have found it.

“World first” HSNZ online Culture Accreditation workshop

Sara Eddington

"I'm a bit of a tech geek and love to try and learn new things, so participating in the "world first" online Culture Accreditation course was definitely my thing. The facilitators (Darren and Neil) were every bit as engaging online as they are in person. The content, storytelling and knowledge sharing was just as valuable as any ‘in person’ workshop. The tech used was on point, fit for purpose and accompanied the workshop resources seamlessly. A seriously cool way to learn an amazing topic."

Sara Eddington, Consultant, Culture Catcher Limited

MetService and HSNZ virtual Collaboration

Metservice“During these rather unusual times, with the entire country in lock down due to COVID-19, MetService is committed to continuing with business as un-usual:

Our forecasts continue to happen and are as reliable as always! Our first ever Culture Survey took place and was completed prior to the national lock down, but already in the shadow of what was happening overseas.

The 87% response rate was a good indication that our people are keen, committed and on-board. The next step, the accreditation of five staff took place online via Microsoft Teams. This training, a virtual world-first for Human Synergistics, had people join from their home offices as well as the two presenters from their homes. Three full-on days later the team 'graduated' well informed, had undergone a significant learning curve and got issued with as many e-tools, materials and references as we could ask for.

The roll-out of the survey results also took place entirely online: first the Senior Leaders and the Chief Executive received their briefing, virtually. Then the same day in the afternoon it was time for the people leaders, also remotely.

This afternoon session for nearly 40 people managers also included training about the 31 causal factors that create culture. The session included participants from all over New Zealand as well as from Australia and the UK.

The culmination of the joint online collaboration between MetService and Human Synergistics was the live results presentation via 'Teams' to which all staff were invited. Nearly 200 people joined from their home offices, kitchen benches, dining tables and spare bedrooms in what was a first for our company: all staff, including those from the UK, Asia and Australia heard the news at the same time. Our Chief Executive was able to address everybody live - which was another big plus of this virtual get together. Metservice is now planning for the individual team debriefs with all our managers - and as far as we are concerned, it's virtually business as usual.

Thanks Darren Levy from Human Synergistics for working closely with us to make this all happen. Thanks also go to Neil McGregor for the three-day online training. It's amazing what can be done with a constructive mindset!”

Kai Taylor, Organisational Development Manager at MetService


Virtual one-on-one debriefing session

Julian Emeny“Today I had my second virtual debrief session with Pam Wilson and it was great!
I think I actually preferred it to the usual office and table gig!! I was in the comfort of my own home and having a cup of tea while we had our conversations. The technology is great, the handouts were on the screen and it was so easy to set up. Looking forward to our next one.”

Julian Emeny, Parks Manager, Kaiwhakahaere Pāka, Porirua City


Virtual one-on-one coaching session

JustinUoA"Coaching requires a connection between the mentor and mentee that is generally considered to require face-to-face contact. My recent online experience with Human Synergistics showed that Is not true at all. The ease of use and utility of the system that was used was immediately obvious to me. The experience was relaxed, informative and there was no division of any kind (real or virtual) between myself and the mentor. It was as if he was sitting in my office with me. Fantastic."

Justin O'Sullivan Deputy Director of the Liggins Institute at The University of Auckland.
Liggens Institute

LSI Virtual Coaching session

As first, I had a bias that virtual workshop will not work well, particularly during the Q&A or group discussion. I was pleasantly surprised that our sessions turned out very successful, efficient and interactive at the same time. Technology support is just a small part of the success, I think the way Justine facilitated the virtual workshop made the difference. The Recall was set up with the right number of participants which allow us to have enough time to exchange our views and learn from each other. The group discussion flowed effectively which helped break down the "scary silence" we normally have with virtual discussion. Justine asked open questions and encouraged us to share learnings and provide feedback for each other.

The LSI virtual coaching session went hilariously well. It was absolutely an employee led conversation with support from the Coach. I had a chance to share my development plan and the experience I had on my LSI journey. My manager got time to bounce back what she thinks about my behavior and some suggestion to my development plan. The HS Coach (Justine) jumped in and out at the right time with some suggestions and direction to ensure me & my manager had a meaningful 2-way conversation. I appreciate being able to complete this action planning session with my manager remotely and for the LSI coaching that played such an amazing catalyst role in my personal development journey.

Rosella Dang, OD Manager, Constellation Brands