"That's Culture" NZ Conference 2019

Published on 12 Sep 2019
2019 NZ Conference

Thanks to everyone who attended this year's conferences in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland - we had record numbers. If we are going to Change The World One Organisation At A Time we can only do it together with our amazing community - so thanks for coming out and supporting us.

Karen Mather
Organisational Development Manager
University of Canterbury

Weaving the Rope : That's Culture

The University of Canterbury is working to build a constructive organisational culture - to be more effective, deliver brilliantly on their promises to their students, and to be a great place to work. All of their staff have had the opportunity to participate in the journey at the individual, group and organisational level since they began the process in 2013 – which is no mean feat in an organisation of +2000 people! This session shared their experience of the ups and downs that inevitably come with transformational change in a large and complex organisation, and how they have adapted their approach to build curiosity, credibility and engagement. At first this was reactive, but now they are very much proactive about it. And of course, this is just the beginning, weaving the rope continues.

The Human Resources Unit at University of Canterbury has been on a deliberate journey to evolve from the transactional to the transformational. Karen leads a team of specialists, working in partnership with the HR Advisory and Service Delivery Teams, to develop organisational-wide initiatives to support UC’s success. A major part of her role over the last few years has been developing and managing Whiria te Taura Tangata, UC’s Organisational Culture Development Programme. To support this, she is accredited in a variety of Human Synergistics tools including the LSI and OCI/OEI. Karen is champion for change that is well managed and is a certified Prosci Change Manager. She also has a Bachelor of Education (Adult Education), a Diploma in Adult Teaching and Learning, and a Master’s in Strategic Organisational Development.

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Shaun McCarthy
Human Synergistics

Leadership Consciousness : That's Culture

The biggest obstacle to changing an organisations culture is the organisations culture! The ability to effectively change culture is strongly influenced by the level of consciousness of those in leadership positions. Based over 2,000 New Zealand and Australian organisations efforts to develop constructive cultures, Human Synergistics has built a model that illustrates various stages of organisational transformation and levels of consciousness amongst leaders within these organisations. Shaun presented this model and the lessons learned from examining how these organisations went about the change process.

Shaun established Human Synergistics in New Zealand and Australia and brings with him a wealth of knowledge, experience and anecdotes from a long and distinguished Consulting career. If you have a question about Leadership or Culture – Shaun will have a story to illustrate an answer to it. It is this depth of experience that has led to him being invited to lecture in University programmes, speak at many national conferences and being featured in international media. Shaun is also a member of the AHRI Advisory Research Panel.

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Heather Polglase
HR Lead Partner - Customer and Marketing

Agile : That's Culture

"How would your mindset need to change to work effectively in an Agile environment?" Heather shared the Spark Agile journey, highlighting specifically the things that have mattered the most to support change as well as some key initiatives they put in place to drive the shift to Agile. Agile is not just a new process and team structure, to effectively create this change Heather had to work with the organisation to create some significant shifts in culture, behaviour and mindset. In doing so Spark has been able to work effectively in an Agile environment that is both nimble and responsive.

In her current role Heather leads the Agile Learning and Development Stream at Spark Digital with her focus being to add value to internal and external customers by helping to build an organisation of high performing talent and best in class leaders. Heather is an experienced HR professional, with a proven track-record leading the HR Function, HR teams, organisational transformations, talent management, leadership development and succession planning across a range of industries including FMCG, retail, hospitality, liquor, technology and telecommunications companies.

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Fiona Masson
Group Human Resources Manager

Not for Profit ≠ Not for Productivity : That's Culture

How do you shift culture when you have a limited budget, no staff to commit to a change project, and are operating across three CEOs running separate but interconnected entities with very different KPIs who still want to be one organisation? Welcome to the Lifewise / APT / MMN story. Fiona led the Trusts (Lifewise, APT, MMN) through an era of significant change and improvement. In doing so, Fiona has transformed the HR function, earning credibility for the profession within the organisation in the process, and led a major organisational culture change programme.

Fiona Masson has a keen interest in enhancing positive outcomes through initiatives that improve individual and organisational effectiveness, performance, and capacity. Fiona has worked across a range of industry sectors including commercial, government, and not-for-profit organisations. Fiona holds a Master of Arts (Hons) from Massey University, she is a Fellow of the Human Resources Institute of New Zealand and was also a finalist for HR Generalist of the Year (2019). During Fiona’s time with Lifewise, APT, MMN the team have won national Human Resources Institute of NZ awards for HR Business Contribution Award for Small Enterprises / Not-For-Profit two years in a row (2017 / 2018) and been finalists for HR Technology Award (2018), and Organisational Change and Development Award (2019).

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Vaughan Payne
Chief Executive
Waikato Regional Council

Leadership Impact : That's Culture

"Culture is us, our relationships and shared commitments. Culture is our past, our present our future. Culture propels us past our limits into the magic. Culture is change. Culture is Leadership." Vaughan talked about what leadership and culture means to him, using his personal and professional experiences. Such experiences include events and people that have shaped Vaughan’s view of and approach to culture and leadership. He took us on a journey commencing in his tribal area of Opotiki in the eastern BOP where he describes himself as being "unfocused, easily distracted and mischief". Vaughan had to change and grow as a person. In doing so Vaughan also said that his biggest constraint to growing as a person, as a leader, has been himself.

Vaughan is passionate about collaboration and leadership. He actively seeks to reinforce a culture of working well with others wherever he works. Indeed, the three most important words in Waikato Regional Council's (WRC) mission are 'working with others'. As Chief Executive of Waikato Regional Council, Vaughan has overall responsibility for leading and managing the organisation, implementing council decisions, and ensuring the effective and efficient performance of council. Vaughan has been Chief Executive since 2013, joining council in 2010 as manager of policy and transport. His career to date has been in both the private (Fletcher Challenge, Beca, Boffa Miskell) and public (Auckland, Opotiki and Waikato councils) sectors.

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Neil McGregor
Human Synergistics

Adapting Your Leadership : That's Culture

In the morning sessions we looked at various concepts and characteristics that will likely define Organisation 4.0 - the organisation of the future. But Organisations are inanimate objects – brands. They do not exist in and of themselves. They exist because of the people who reside in them. Leaders create the character of an organisation – whether it be effective or not! In this session we will look at the concept of Leadership 4.0. What approach to leadership will create and sustain the organisation of the future? What are the characteristics of that leader and what leadership skillsets will be valued by organisations? How can you identify and shift your own leadership approach to be truly effective in an ever-changing world?

Neil McGregor is the Lead Consultant with Human Synergistics International in New Zealand and Asia. He enjoys working with complex organisations (and people!) to help them connect the dots of how people, systems and strategic intent can work synergistically to realise the value their organisation exists to create. He is passionate about helping individuals, teams and organisations realise their full potential through challenging the status quo of thinking and action. His previous experience as an Engineering Army Officer, the Head of Corporate Strategy for a large financial institution, and his current experience running a consulting practice, allows him to view an organisation through each function's goals and aspirations while also holding the broader view of the whole organisation within the context in which it exists. Neil was the recipient of the Prime Ministers Business Scholarship in 2017 which saw him attend two world class business schools in 2018, INSEADS and The Wharton School, and it is sharing some learnings through these experiences that Neil will focus on in his session and workshop at the conference this year.

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Workshop 1

Culture Journey : That's Culture
Facilitated by Darren Levy and Frank Harkin, Human Synergistics

Define and develop a roadmap of what the effective organisation of the future looks like. This interactive workshop will enable you to define the culture, systems, structures, future job design and behaviours required to enable a move from organisation 2.0 to an agile organisation 4.0.
During this workshop we :
- Discussed what an effective organisation of the future looks like
- Looked at current practises that need to stop – and the ones that need to begin
You will leave this workshop with a clear roadmap of what levers need to be pulled in your organisation to move towards a more agile and effective organisation 4.0

Download Culture Journey workshop presentation

Workshop 2

Leading for the Future : That's Culture
Facilitated by Neil McGregor, Human Synergistics

If we can identify the desirable organisation of the future, what does the leadership required to establish and sustain that organisation 4.0 look like? What are the characteristics of that leader and what leadership skillsets will be valued by organisations? How can you identify and shift your own leadership approach to be truly effective in an ever-changing world? Neil McGregor was fortunate to be awarded a Prime Minister’s Scholarship in 2017 which led to his studying at both INSEAD and The Wharton School (UPenn) in 2018. In this interactive session Neil will share some of the key learnings on leadership that he was exposed to at these world leading institutions.

This interactive presentation/workshop will help you create your personal roadmap for developing your leadership skills so that you can develop and grow the future organisation.
During this workshop we :
- Discovered the changing role of leadership
- Created your personal Leadership Checklist
- Understood with clarity the real role of leaders for the future

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