Ramping up leadership & culture post lockdown

Leadership Lockdown

Now more than ever, constructive thinking will help us and others deal with a very new and fast-moving situation (and we can see from some of the situations around us how defensive thinking and behaviour can take hold). We want to help you to help others in these potentially stressful times and do the best for your organisation and community.

We want to reassure you that at Human Synergistics NZ we are here to support you at full capacity - with your projects, your plans and your own development. We are committed to helping you make things happen.

Public programmes / Online webinars

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We have cancelled all public programmes for 2020 and will look to set new dates when things have settled. In the meantime, we are looking to set up some mini virtual workshops around some of these topics. 

Virtual Leaders Survival Kit

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We are excited to be launching our "live" Virtual Leader's Survival Kit which is packed full of top tips for leading your team in a virtual world and includes LSI1 and x3 virtual one-on-one coaching sessions. We will also continue to update with content as we learn and come across nuggets that we believe will be useful.

Accreditation events

For those of you still completing your accreditation or recall events, or who wish to participate in new accreditation events, we are now running these both virtually as well as in person in our Auckland training facility we will continue to run these events virtually to enable your capability. Watch out for new dates and please don't hesitate to enquire if the dates don't work for you. We will attempt to meet your needs whatever the case.

Delivering your debriefs virtually


Virtual debriefs are here! We are working on making it easier for those who are coaching to deliver your debriefs and follow up coaching virtually. There is a pack with tips and advice around how to conduct and get the best out of virtual debriefs on the portal (currently under the resources tab) and we will continue to update this as we get feedback and think of new ideas that can help – so please visit often. 


If you have misplaced your log in details for the AP portal please contact Helen or Kaiya and they will be able to reconnect you. If we can support you directly in helping to get this process off the ground please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help and keen to get you going.

How connected are your people during this changing world?

Connection Meter
To help you stay in touch with your people, track how they are feeling during this period and to be able to respond effectively to any emerging issues they may be experiencing working remotely, Human Synergistics has developed the Connection Meter. Click here for details.

Helpful resources:

10-tips-to-help-ride-through-the-fallout-of-covid-19 In times of high stress or crisis it is more important than ever to maintain constructive leadership – in both our thinking and behaviour. Shaun McCarthy shares his 10 tips about how to ride through the fallout of COVID-19

Tips for virtual debriefing and coaching As we see more social distancing and isolation, the demand for virtual debriefing and coaching is greater than ever. In this episode of Culture Bites, Australian based head of consulting Corinne Canter and Dominic Gourley share some great tips and processes for how to go about virtual debriefs

Professional Development "Connect and Learn" events

Into The Blue

All our Professional Development events will be going ahead. They will be done in a hybrid capacity for now with the session running virtually and in person in our Auckland training facility, so you don't miss out on your continuous learning and connection with others in the network. Check out our calendar for upcoming dates as we ramp up our commitment in this space to support the 'new ways of working' being implemented across the country.

We're here to help

Our team of experienced consultants and project team are here to lend their time to support you in any way they can - whether it be advice or a refresh - so please reach out if we can help.