Professional and Ethical Conduct

These ethical guidelines are a set of principles for the professional behaviour and practices of those who are Human Synergistics® Accredited Practitioners.. They apply to all Human Synergistics Practitioners and are included as part of the Accreditation Deed.


"As a Human Synergistics Practitioner I commit to these Ethical Guidelines. I will..."

  • Strive to use the Human Synergistics tools with the highest professional standards and in a dignified manner.
  • Present the Human Synergistics Circumplex in a non-judgemental way and focus on its developmental aspects.
  • Commit to my on-going Reflective Practice and professional development.
  • Actively pursue aligning my personal behaviour with the constructive styles.
  • Treat people with dignity as independent and equal human beings in the course of undertaking Human Synergistics programmes.
  • Use the tools for development purposes only, i.e. not for recruitment and selection or performance management.
  • Debrief a client’s report only in a face-to-face situation and not send a participant’s report to them prior to their debrief session.
  • Respect that the client’s feedback is confidential to the client and I will not disclose it to any other parties without the express permission of the client.
  • If I’m co-facilitating on joint projects or where there is an on-going coaching programme then, with the express permission of the client, I will supply the tools and results for debriefing and action-planning purposes to fully Accredited Human Synergistics Practitioners.
  • Use the Human Synergistics tools in the capacity of a performance coach, as per my Human Synergistics® Accreditation qualifications (other qualifications may allow me to use the tools in a greater capacity - e.g. as a psychologist - where appropriate).
  • Respect the intellectual property ownership of Human Synergistics and others.


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