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Published on 11 Mar 2021

This year, we are taking the opportunity of International Women’s Day to celebrate a month of women in leadership and those that strive for constructive leadership and cultures. We interviewed Edi Szentirmay who is a Senior Organisation Development Advisor about her thoughts on the celebration.

Published on 10 Mar 2021

To kick off our International Women's Day series, we interviewed Catriona Strong from New Zealand Sugar Company - Chelsea, who have been supplying top quality products to kiwi homes and businesses since 1884.

Published on 10 Mar 2021

This year, we are taking the opportunity of International Women’s Day to celebrate a month of women in leadership and those that strive for constructive leadership and cultures. As part of our series, we interviewed Caryn Dawson from Auckland Transport about her thoughts on this year's slogan "#choosetochallenge". 

Published on 10 Mar 2021

We're celebrating International Women's Day over a month of special features, interviews and videos! As part of our series, we interviewed Nicole Edridge from Sanitarium New Zealand, to talk about her key insights into constructive leadership.

Published on 10 Mar 2021

International Women's Day recognises the achievements of women, with a mission to champion women who dare to innovate, lead, and uplift others towards a more equal and inclusive workplace. As part of our series, we interviewed Sarah Friis from T&G Global about her message she wanted to share with our Accredited Practitioner network.

Published on 27 Oct 2020

One of the great paradoxes of our time is the widely-held belief that stress exists in our environment just waiting to attack. 

Published on 29 Sep 2020

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to watch this year's Virtual Asia-Pacific Conference. We hope you were inspired by our speakers and their insights from real world experiences, to begin or continue your own culture and leadership development.

Published on 08 Apr 2020

With the country being in lockdown we have been very busy over the last few weeks finding ways to cater to our clients development requirements in a virtual world

Published on 02 Apr 2020

To help you stay in touch with your people, track how they are feeling during
this period and to be able to respond effectively to any emerging issues they
may be experiencing working remotely, Human Synergistics has developed the
Connection Meter.

Published on 09 Oct 2019

Show off your Human Synergistics Accreditation and achievements in the Leadership and Culture space, with Accreditation Badges and LinkedIn Certification.

Published on 12 Sep 2019

Presentations from our 15th Annual Conference on Culture and Leadership "That's Culture"

Published on 31 May 2019

Darren Levy and Dominic Gourley chat about the concept of change fatigue and that’s it’s not about the change itself but the way it’s being implemented.

Published on 15 Oct 2018

In this paper we share our perspectives on teams and what it takes to help teams be more effective

Published on 02 Oct 2018

Videos and presentations from our 14th Annual Conference on Culture and Leadership "Staying Relevant"

Published on 17 Nov 2017

Videos and presentations from the #HSShareWisdom conference in 2017. Speakers included Google's #1 Futurist, A Culture Strategist, HRINZ CEO of the Year, and an Entrepreneur Prodigy

Published on 07 Aug 2017

We examine both Culture and Climate (engagement) and present a systematic way of measuring and changing employee experience within organisations in Australia and New Zealand.

Published on 16 Jun 2017

The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the relevance, usefulness, and importance of L/I and M/I both across as well as within different countries.

Published on 13 Jun 2017

More and more we are being asked about the role of the Board of Directors in the management of organisational culture – regarding the impact the Board has on culture and how the Board can help shape a desired culture. 


Published on 04 Dec 2016

The HSNZ 2016 Conference on Leadership & Culture will put the subject of leadership under the microscope. What really makes some leaders more effective than others? A series of thought provoking TED style presentations delivered by a range of speakers from various backgrounds designed to challenge your thinking.

Published on 04 Oct 2016

Regardless of what an organisation’s strategy is, it can only be successfully executed if the organisation’s culture supports it. In this paper, Shaun McCarthy looks at how an organisation’s culture can limit innovation and what the requirements to build a culture to achieve innovation.