Building The Case For Change–Measurement

Unless critical aspects of human behaviour can be defined and described precisely, the odds are they can’t be changed. In this respect, Human Synergistics offers impressive and very real measures of behaviour.

Building The Case For Change

By measuring human behaviour – be it at the individual, manager, leader, team or organisational level - it becomes tangible, it becomes something that can be described and made specific. Measurement of behaviour gives organisations:

  • a language to discuss the undiscussable
  • the ability to track individual, team and organisational progress
  • a process through which individuals and teams take responsibility for their own behaviours and focus on constructive improvement

We help organisations, teams and individuals understand what they have not been able to understand before. We provide people with information that they would not otherwise have. In this way we help individuals, teams and organisations obtain more control of their present and their future.

We believe that in measuring behaviours, it's not enough to simply provide a measure of the current state: such measurement must also provide guidance as to cause and what must be done to move forward. Measuring the current state without any inherent prescription is no more than going to the doctor and being told you have a temperature. In such a situation you would want to know what caused it and what you need to do about it.

To achieve this, considerable research is required. Our commitment to this is absolute. Dr Robert A Cooke has participated in and supervised numerous academic research projects validating the reliability of the Human Synergistics instruments. With over 500 universities and teaching institutions using our materials, we know they work.

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Our strength lies in our ability to supply valid and reliable measurement tools, and then help interpret this unique and valuable information to design specific improvement strategies.

In New Zealand and Australia alone, over 100,000 managers and more than 2,000 organisations have benefited from our integrated diagnostic system.


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