Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™

Based on the How Culture Works Model, the Organisational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI) complements the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) by measuring the Causal Factors (Levers for Change) that shape culture and the outcomes of culture at the individual, group and organisational levels.

Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™

The OEI provides a research based alternative to employee opinion surveys, linking climate and culture:

  • What people experience as members of the organisation
  • The impact this has on culture
  • How culture in turn impacts important outcomes at the individual level (eg engagement), at the group level (eg teamwork), and at the organisational level (eg adaptability and quality)

This comprehensive process assesses virtually all internal factors and conditions that are likely to impact on your organisation's performance.

Together the OCI and the OEI provide a complete picture of the case for change and the levers for change.

With the OCI measuring preferred and actual operating culture, and the OEI measuring organisational practices and outcomes, clear strategies emerge for managing improvement.

Unique characteristics of the Organisational Effectiveness Inventory® (OEI)

  • Integrates with the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) to show a complete picture of organisational effectiveness and culture
  • Based on many years research into the factors that influence cultural styles and the outcomes of culture
  • Helps identify specific levers for change for cultural transformation
  • Meets rigorous academic and psychometric standards



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