Management/Impact™ (M/I)

Management/Impact™ is a transformational tool developed to align the practices and impact of middle to lower-level managers and front-line leaders with the organisation’s visions, values, and strategies.


Designed for managers who are responsible for strategy execution, M/I provides the focal manager with feedback from others on how they approach their managerial responsibilities, the impact they have on the behaviours and performance of those around them and how effective they are seen in their managerial role.

Management/Impact™ (M/I) provides managers with feedback on:

  • Management Approaches – feedback on task management, people management and personal management responsibilities – measuring the extent to which the manager executes these responsibilities in a facilitating versus inhibiting way 
  • Impact on Others – using the Human Synergistics circumplex, this measures the extent to which the manager motivates or drives people to behave in Constructive, Passive/Defensive or Aggressive/Defensive ways.
  • Management Effectiveness – this measures the manager’s current performance in terms of task effectiveness, interpersonal effectiveness and personal effectiveness

The Management Approaches the M/I measures include: 




Managing Goals

Managing Inter-Unit Relations

Managing Integrity

Managing Change

Managing Teams

Managing Self-Development

Managing Problems

Managing Communications

Managing Emotions

Managing Results

Managing Rewards


Managing Resources

Managing Learning


Managing Work Activities

Managing Personal Relations



Feedback from M/I enables participating managers to compare: 

  • Their desired future effectiveness against their current effectiveness, as described by the people around them 
  • The impact that they ideally would like to have on others versus the impact that they actually have on others 
  • Their self-perceptions of their management approaches to the descriptions by others (feedback from peers, direct reports, and higher-level managers)

Unique characteristics of Management/Impact™ (M/I) 

  • Not only focuses on how the manager approaches his/her responsibilities but also what impact this is having on others
  • Provides feedback on both managerial approaches and what behaviours the manager encourages in others with implications for the organisation’s culture 
  • Meets rigorous academic and psychometric standards 
  • Integrates with the Group Styles Inventory (GSI) and the Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) measures to show the link between individual, group and organisational level behaviours


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