What is Accreditation?

The Human Synergistics® Accreditation program up-skills Change Agents, such as professional consultants or in-company Human Resources professionals, to use the Human Synergistics scientific diagnostic system to produce measurable improvements in individuals, groups and organisations.


Our rigorous training program ensures a consistent level of service and a quality experience for every person that engages with the Human Synergistics tools.

The goal of Accreditation is to build a network of organisational development professionals who use the Human Synergistics change methodology, in a professional and competent way, to create organisational transformation. This in turn will help support the realisation of the Human Synergistics vision of Changing the world – One organisation at a time®.

Human Synergistics Accreditation Values

The values that underpin our business and the Accreditation Program are:

Transformation | Development

We believe that both individuals and organisations are capable of either incremental or breakthrough change in behaviour and performance.

This applies to us as much as it applies to our clients.

Making a Difference

That we strive to achieve a sustainable improvement in the quality of people’s lives and the performance of their organisations.

We celebrate the achievements of all our stakeholders when such differences are made.

Partnership (versus competitiveness)

That partnership with all stakeholders will be essential to us achieving our vision. We have developed this program in partnership with our network and intend to work together in an ongoing way.

Access (versus exclusivity)

That people that have the skills and interest to participate in our accreditation program will have the opportunity to use the Human Synergistics tools. (Clay Lafferty’s original vision of making psychological concepts/diagnostics accessible to “lay” people i.e. out of the hands of psychologists).

Benefits of Accreditation

Accredited Practitioners receive a number of additional benefits to support their career development.

Tools and Resources

To supplement your practice we provide you with an extensive resource library accessed via a dedicated Accredited Practitioners website, which includes a range of materials from research papers, case studies, articles and comprehensive presentations that you can download and incorporate into your programs.

Project Support and Customer Service

All Accredited Practitioners are assigned a dedicated Client Service Manager. This person is your key point of contact with Human Synergistics and assists you in co-ordinating the administration of your Human Synergistics project from beginning to end.

Expert Advice and Partnering with Human Synergistics Consultants

Human Synergistics Consultants are also available to partner with Accredited Practitioners on projects, if you are seeking specific organisational development expertise. For example, if you need additional support in either selling (whether you are an internal or an external consultant) or conducting programs, we are available to provide this service. This is a fee-for-service benefit.

Ongoing Research Data

Human Synergistics is continually undertaking research in a range of industry sectors and this data is available to Accredited Practitioners. For example, if you work in the retail sector, you can request specific and relevant retail data for use in your programs.

Ongoing Professional Development

Human Synergistics runs an ongoing program of professional development courses, workshops & short ‘breakfast’ sessions each year to enable Accredited Practitioners to deepen their knowledge and skills. An advanced calendar of Accreditation/Professional Development events for the forthcoming year is available on the Accredited Practitioner's website.

Annual Conference

Each year Human Synergistics hosts the Australian Conference on Culture and Leadership. This is a free event and is both an excellent professional development opportunity as well as an ideal forum to bring senior management and/or clients to showcase the impact the Human Synergistics tools have on improving leadership, culture and in turn performance. Currently, the event is held in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

Networking Opportunities

All Accredited Practitioners are listed on the Accredited Practitioner’s website, along with the tools that they are accredited in. We also run a series of forums that provide excellent opportunities to network with your colleagues. In addition, we have established Linked In forums debating various topics.

Video Room

Useful videos on how to transform culture and leadership, and subsequent impacts on performance.


To ensure the network is up to date with relevant activities at Human Synergistics - be it new research reports, media activities or company news - we distribute a monthly e-newsletter. We also provide timely updates on relevant activities and events.



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