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The Accreditation pathway is made up of seven steps. The training workshops prepare you to use the Human Synergistics products to full advantage so that you achieve the results you need to succeed. A key principle underlying all Accreditation workshops is that of using live data and being debrief ready, so that you are able to apply the products immediately following completion of the workshops. 

AU Accreditation Flow

1.Application for Accreditation. You complete a structured application that sets out your experience, skills and qualifications. Once received, you will be invited to participate in a 30 minute telephone interview to ensure that the accreditation program will meet your needs and you meet the Pre-requisite requirements, namely Coaching and Facilitation Skills - for accreditation. Download the application form

2.Accreditation Pre-work. You complete the Life Styles Inventory™ Description by Self (LSI 1) and ask up to eight other people to give you feedback using the Life Styles Inventory™ Description by Others (LSI 2).

3.Foundations Workshop (Workshop 1). A foundation workshop designed to introduce you to the Circumplex, with a focus on your own individual styles and the LSI you completed during the Pre-work stage. Our philosophy is one where transformation needs to start with the professional and you need to actively practice you own personal change so that you can connect more effectively with the work you do with your clients. Your LSI feedback is debriefed during this two-day Foundations workshop in a group context.

4.Technical Workshop (Workshop 2). This workshop takes place approximately four weeks after the completion of the Foundations workshop. This is a two-day workshop designed to impart the necessary skills to work with the LSI 1 and 2 and the Group Styles Inventory™ (GSI) assessment tools. An important feature of this workshop is the use of live and real data. This enables a deeper and more effective learning frame, so that you will be debrief ready by the end of the two days.

5.Action Learning Project. After completing either the Individual Development Stream workshop or the Organisational Development Stream workshop, you then progress to the Action Learning phase of the Accreditation process. You are required to complete an Individual and/or Organisational change assignment within either your home organisation (for internal consultants) or one of your clients organisation's (for external consultants). For the LSI/GSI, Action Learning requires that you either debrief at least three one-on-one intensive coaching sessions using LSI 1 and 2 or conduct an LSI 1 and 2 group workshop programme. L/I accreditation requires that you debrief one L/I session and similarly M/I accreditation requires that you debrief one M/I session.

6.Recall Workshop (Workshop 3). As part of your Action Learning experience, you write up a case study and present the results of the various interventions to a group of your peers, raising any questions and issues to be addressed. The Recall Workshop must be completed within 12 months of the LSI/GSI workshops. If you have already completed a recall workshop before doing L/I, M/I, OCI/OEI or CSSS then you are not required to do a further recall.

7.Accredited Practitioner. After completing your Recall Workshop, you are now a Human Synergistics® Accredited Practitioner.

Individual Impact Stream (Optional). Leadership/Impact® (L/I) & Management/Impact™ (M/I) are transformational tools developed for leaders and managers to become aware of the impact of their own leadership/management strategies and how these affect the performance of their organisations. As part of the Individual Development Stream accreditation Human Synergistics also offers accreditation in L/I & M/I. These are both one-day workshops and require you to work with live data from one of your clients.

Organisational Development Stream (Optional). The Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) provides a picture of the operating cultures of organisations in terms of "how things are done around here" and "what's expected of members". This three-day workshop provides the necessary skills to use the OCI, the matching Organisational Effectiveness Inventory™ (OEI) and the various associated products. OD Accreditation also includes the Customer ServiceStyles™ (CSS) which is a flexible tool for engaging employees and leaders in the imperative of improving service behaviours. It measures the service styles that impact the experience of customers as well as the effects of these styles on customers' attitudes and future purchasing intentions.

Enrolment in this workshop is contingent upon you undertaking a sample project with one of your clients using the OCI and the OEI and CSS. Participants must nominate a client or sub-unit that they will survey and then debrief.

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