Our History

Since 1970, Human Synergistics has provided research based transformation tools to organisations around the globe, making us the leading voice in individual and organisational development. The company was founded in the United States, by Dr. J. Clayton Lafferty, an expert in clinical psychology, both practical and theoretical. Dr. Lafferty and his associates researched and developed a multi-level series of diagnostic instruments—focusing on self-assessment, achievement thinking, and responsible decision-making, including the Circumplex-based Life Styles Inventory™.

Our History

Our roots are in the field of team development. Desert Survival, developed nearly 40 years ago, began an entire genre of group based problem solving exercises. Dr Robert A Cooke’s research then took us to another whole level. By identifying that many organisations seemed to actually reinforce the very behaviours we were attempting to change, he then pioneered research that allowed us to measure organisational culture. Our Organisational Culture Inventory® (OCI) is the most widely used and thoroughly researched tool for measuring organisational culture in the world.

Operating in New Zealand since 1979 and in Australia since 1989, we have a strong presence across the two countries. Our consultants work trans-Tasman and our network of over 1000 Accredited Practitioners provides us with the most extensive database of individual, group and organisational behavioural variables in this part of the world; our regional data base of over 2000 organisations and 100,000 individuals is unmatched in its depth and breadth. The sheer amount of data is reflective of both our commitment to research and the extent to which local organisations trust and use our tools.

Over the past thirty years, our team’s commitment to providing the highest quality products and services has enabled us to establish long-term relationships with our clients and to build a strong community of champions who have experienced the extent of our impact first-hand. We continue to work with clients in the public, private, and not-for-profit sectors, with human resource and organisational development professionals, internal and external consultants, and educational institutions – with anybody who shares our passion and commitment to ‘Changing the World – One Organisation at a Time™.’


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